lunes, 15 de enero de 2007

After a new sunrise

Tomorrow I will back to the Workshop classes. I'm tired, but I know that I really need to go. I must improve my biology knowledge to make my self a good professional. But now, without the 'fun touch' of Ben, one of our teachers, the workshop it's not the same... I have really good time too, but I think that in just a few days I made a really good friend and I can't avoid to miss him :(
I know that this experience will be unforgettable for me, because:

1. I've been learning a lot of scientific stuff
2. I've been learning a lot of life lessons
3. I've been knowing a lot of great people
4. I've been having a very nice time!

I'm not very tired, but tomorrow I must wake up at... mmmmm let me see... at 8.30am!

It's not so early, but we are on vacations!

I'm really happy about this oportunity, of course.

There is something else: something that I didn't think possible: I start to dream about my professional future. I'm finding a lot of beautiful things in my major, I'm starting to love this 'Bioengineering world' and all that maybe I will do in the future... I'm starting to like my choise...