miércoles, 17 de enero de 2007

My Tuesday - day

Today was a very busy day... I woke up at 7.30am and I was at the Biotechnology Center at 8.30am. It was too early, so I was alone :'( but then Jorge [One of my classmates] arrived so we were talking a while. Then came the teachers and they said 'Hi!' or 'Good Morning!'. But one of them, Dr. Sands [the boss!!], came to us and said something that I can't understand yet. He said, pointing to me: 'She is the best student of the Workshop' (Oh!, my God, can you belive that?) So we [Jorge and I] made the same expression -> O_o!!!

Then, we had some classes and then, at lunch, I was talking with Roy and Gerardo [Classmates too!] about the final exam, and they made me some suggestions about how to develop one of my 'ideas' [If a few years ago I had a doubt about all that Serendipity stuff, now I can't doubt it! It IS TRUE!...] So, here I'm, trying to make something good that helps me in the hard mission of 'been the best student of the Workshop' [Maybe I'm not, but dreaming is free!!]

The Dinner? It was great!!. Some 'details' made it a little bit uncomfortable, but... Who cares?!!! [yes, that phrase is from a movie]

Actually I'm a little tired about some stuff, but time will make justice!

Yeap, I still belive in justice...

Aaah! today I finish my Philosophy Classes! So [be envious if you want] I have my second diploma of the University of Concepción!! jejejeje I'm so bad! =P

Ok, that's it. I'm tired, I'm disappointed, I'm nostalgic, but... I'M HAPPY! and that is the only important thing...